Police Interview Room Recording Equipment

Selecting the proper gear for your interview room(s) can be difficult. We hope the information below proves valuable. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

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Police Interview Rooms

IP Cameras for Police Interviews

IP cameras are widely regarded as the ideal choice for almost all new video observation and recording applications.  High definition IP cameras are ideal for police interview recording.  With a high definition camera users are able to digitally zoom in on certain areas of the image live or during the review process with clarity.  High definition IP cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We recommend the following three form factors for police interview room installations:

A typical interview room will be outfitted with either a single overview camera or 2 cameras (one overview and one focused on interviewee).


Microphone Equipment for Police Interrogations

Audio is the most critical component of interview recording, selecting a high quality microphone is a must.  An auto-gaining microphone is recommended as it can automatically increase its pickup level when a subject is speaking softly or whispering but decrease it when someone is loud. This maintains a clear audible level and prevents audio distortion that may occur if a mic gain level is raised to high.  The placement of the microphone is also important, if the subject will always be in a static location a directional wall mount microphone is preferred, if they will be moving around the room multiple wall mount microphones or an omnidirectional ceiling mount POE (powered) microphone are good options.  In extremely challenging environments a DSP (digital signal processor) can be used to perform echo cancellation or filter out unwanted background noise.


Audio Panels for Police Interview Rooms

Many interview rooms are bare of sound dampening materials and items.  Having a room void of distractions and items that can be tampered with is an ideal environment for conducting interviews however it can also negatively impact the quality of the audio.  We recommend considering audio dampening panels to help with echo cancellation.

Police Interview Recording and Observation Software

No system is complete without the proper software.  Having the best video and audio quality will not matter much unless you have a reliable and usable software solution to observe and record interviews.  There are a handful purpose built solutions available on the market today they can be easily found by typing “Police Interview Software” into Google.  Our team has been providing interview recording software solutions for over 13 years. We are currently shipping our 3rd generation product (Valt). From a reliability, feature, and ease of use perspective we believe we have the best solution on the market. Feel free to judge for yourself, contact us for a discussion, schedule a web demonstration, or request a quote.

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