Counseling / Psychology Scholarship

Are you thinking about a career in counseling or psychology? Intelligent Video Solutions is proud to help you get your degree. The study of human behavior has been around for decades and the ability to help and guide people in need is an important part of enriching lives and society. We are excited to help you on your way to gaining the knowledge needed to begin helping.

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Speech Therapy Scholarship

Demand for qualified speech therapy professionals doesn’t seem to be letting up. With the cost of gaining valuable education also on the rise Intelligent Video Solutions would like to help lessen the financial pressure on you. We hope to allow you to focus on gaining the training needed to evaluate, diagnose, treat and maybe even prevent these types of communication disorders.

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Nursing Scholarship

The need for well trained nurses is the difference between having and bad experience or and great one and could make a terrible situation worse. We at Intelligent Video Solutions understand how stressful it can be to get the training needed and staying well fed. Our nursing scholarship will help to lessen those pains.

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Early Childhood Education Scholarship

Intelligent Video Solutions believes that early childhood education is an area of study that deserves more respect and support. Helping to mold young minds is an important part of society that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. This Scholarship should help the financial burden of pursuing this worthy career.

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We're thrilled to help support the education of such meaningful careers and we look forward to all of your applications!