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The Pillars of AV Technology Can Build Gorgeous System Infrastructures

Educational institutions, museums, public landmarks, even churches are now using advanced audiovisual technology to enhance the experience for visitors. The technological makeover of landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, the Louvre’s Audiovisual guides on Nintendo 3DS XL systems, even the San Antonio Main Plaza come alive with audiovisual technology and it amazes, transcends and educates better than anything else we have ever seen. It is truly a technology that will continue to expand over the next 20 years, especially when AV leading technology providers team up with other leading-edge video technologies like Video Audio Learning Tool (VALT).

Audiovisual technology solutions have become fundamental in all industries. We all know that audiovisual technology is the culmination of all audio and visual technologies that have developed within the last 150 years. It is when these technologies were expanded and offered to private, public and even the average consumer that AV technology became a vital element in so many industries and today. We use it for public presentations, advertising, education, business meetings, conference presentations, public education and so much more. Yes, the modern-day AV industry stands as a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the vast need has led to a number of specializations and diversification such as video observation and recording systems like VALT.

Why The Diversity?

Up until now the market has required vendors to find tailored solutions for every need. The process can be time consuming and expensive. But now new IP video, distribution methods and wireless presentations have significantly improved the solutions. And this leads to the integration of newer technology like 4K video, VR/Augmented reality and low latency video streaming.

The Effect of AV Innovation

AV introduces many benefits in the workplace and in public institutions. It helps people experience new and refreshing ways of acquiring and sharing information. It’s innovation can boost morale, productivity, revenue and performance. Digital AV technology continues to rise all over the world and we can expect to see more of this type of implementation, especially when we combine other video technologies like VALT to provide a true intelligent video database.

What Can Video Capture System Integration Do for AV?

Big screens, high tech audio, VR, all components of AV. All cool features, but they need a little more focus and that is what video capture systems can offer. These are video recording solutions for higher education, healthcare, psychology and counseling clinical education, lecture capture, business schools, skills labs and clinical simulation. The integration of video capture platforms with AV technology can offer so many more benefits across the board. Here are a few ways that recording solutions can make a difference:

Clinical Skills Training

Video capturing systems in clinician education programs is proving invaluable as it optimizes learning, allowing student clinicians to provide better care and increase patient well-being. Video learning tools help students learn at a faster rate and give them access to better analysis of their own work. Now let’s imagine what this type of technology can bring across when combined with high-tech AV systems in clinic, hospital training, simulation centers and skills labs.


Modern AV capture solutions like VALT allow professionals in psychology, business, health and education to study and analyze cases and situations form a single platform, lowering costs and simplifying overall system management. Recording clinical assessments with VALT is straightforward and easy, allowing professionals, students and teachers to capture, edit and create analysis tools that when paired with leading AV technology can promote continuous and rapid improvement

Lecture Capture for Educational Purposes

Video capture training is now becoming a key component in the learning process. Studies show that recording classroom lectures improves student  engagement and allow students to learn at their own pace. These recorded classroom lectures also function as an important tool teachers use for classroom and teacher training techniques.

In Medical Use

Direct observation is critical in careers related to medicine. This includes the nursing field, medical field, pharmaceutical industry and even in animal related medicine. The teaching of materials using VALT offers students insight into clinical reasoning and assessment. It also provides early opportunities for students and young professionals to remedy errors they make in their clinical activities.

In Business

We must not forget a primary use of all AV systems, which is corporate use. Many companies use AV to improve their corporate training programs. Many leading companies now use video as a key component for training, sales and demonstration. Why? Because it lowers costs and reduces the need for onsite training.

Why Combine with VALT

The VALT system from IVS offers an affordable state-of-the-art video training solution for all sectors. Organizations can use VALT to create extensive video libraries of clinical cases, analysis files, conferences, training, and all of this can enhance the learners ability to take in information, improve skills and provide coaching opportunities for those people that continue to come on-board within the organization.

Overall Benefits of Video Recording

Mounted Camera

The integration of video capture platforms like VALT in any facility has many benefits. These include:

  • Adaptability to current AV systems – The VALT system can support dozens of cameras and microphones simultaneously. An advantage for large institutions where the system may be used for varying teaching activities.
  • Remote Connectivity – Teachers, trainers, students and assessors can watch recorded sessions remotely and from off-site locations.
  • Synchronization – multiple cameras can be grouped and synchronized to get a full view of the recorded area.
  • Privacy – A VALT system allows users to protect all video content and complete security is offered to users accessing videos through necessary encryption architecture, user rights management and authentication.
  • Scalability – This video recording system easily scales from the small installation to an organization-wide deployment. Video captures are saved to standard .mp4 with h.264 video compression which minimizes the demands on the network.
  • Storage – VALT systems allow for up to 60,000 hours of high-definition video storage per server

Ease of Use

VALT video software is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It requires little up-front training and almost anyone can use it. Features include wall-mounted button to start and stop recordings. Video annotation features for lecturers and the ability to add metadata allows for a session to be located easily and analytical reports to be created.

Bottom Line

It is by combining the power of different AV technologies, that we grow as an industry, that we provide the full spectrum of services that customers need. It is by unifying AV and server-based recording technologies like VALT that universities, training facilities, hospitals, corporations, law enforcement agencies and more can truly unleash the power of video.