Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) Announces Valt: Law Enforcement Edition

New solution release helps police departments implement a secure interview room recording video system in increasingly demanding security and budgetary environments while preventing catastrophic failure.

IVS, a leading video solutions provider for law enforcement, higher education, medical simulation, and private clinical markets, today released a purpose built turn-key solution. Valt: Law Enforcement Edition is designed for police interview/interrogation recording. Valt empowers officers to create and manage their own interview video database without extensive support resources. This intuitive, powerful, browser based solution is designed to enable users to observe live interviews, create recordings and tag them with relevant data that can be used to search for and review the interviews from any authorized computer. IVS assists agencies with complete interview room video system design including high definition or covert IP cameras, vandal proof microphones and secure video storage.

Valt: Law Enforcement Edition features:

  • Simple Recording Methods: Easily start and stop a recording using the intuitive browser software interface or from a wall mounted push button. The software can also light a LED only when a recording is active.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Secure, redundant appliance hardware optimized for video capture featuring enterprise class back end OS and application components
  • Watermark, Bookmark, Redaction: The simple browser based interface provides secure watermarked video that can be marked with specific events like confessions with video tools to redact data or create smaller clips without altering the original file.

IT Approved Interview Recording Architecture

The Valt solution is the evolution of over 15 years of experience working with interview recording technology. It has become increasingly difficult for government agencies to source a solution that meets the needs of investigators, satisfies complex security concerns and fits increasingly constrained budgets. Many of the existing Interrogation Room recording solutions are based on DVR or DVD capture and designed to work with antiquated low resolution analog cameras. A recent Police Department client selected IVS Valt after an exhaustive search of over 10 different vendors. The Investigations Lieutenant remarked, “Every vendor had something good; IVS Valt was the only solution that had everything good.”

Avoid Catastrophic Failure

A recent failure at a large municipality in the mid-west has left investigators scrambling to recover hundreds of interviews and confessions. Cases currently going to trial are lacking the key evidence needed to support the investigative credibility. IVS has built numerous safe guards, alerts, logs and alarms into the Valt system to help ensure all the hard investigation work does not get compromised.