USC Counseling Room

Video Recording used in Counseling Education

The IVS Valt video recording and observation solution is being utilized in numerous counseling clinics and applications including Marriage & Family Therapy, Mental Health, Addiction and Substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, child anxiety and child abuse. A few of our customers include Texas Women’s University, University of Georgia, Temple University, Our Lady of The Lake University, and Mount Mercy University.

Our Valt software provides an easy to use application for organizations that want to view live counseling sessions and record them while at the same time manage and protect the content so that it is only available to those users that have the rights and privileges to access the video. With most of our customers HIPAA is a major concern. Valt provides the necessary user rights management, authentication, encryption and network architecture necessary to assist in making recorded video content secure.

With Valt, customers have the ability to allow different groups, schools or departments to share the same infrastructure yet isolate the users, cameras, and content from each individual group. This allows organizations to deploy a single platform which lowers cost and simplifies management of the overall solution while at the same time addressing the diverse needs of the different users and departments.

Users are able to access live sessions over the network through the browser of their choice including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The Valt software supports live viewing through the use of any device including PC, MAC, Tablet or Phone given the user has access to the network. Users/instructors are able to access up to 9 rooms or cameras simultaneously allowing them to be in multiple places at the same time.

Initiating recordings is very simple and straight forward. Recordings may be initiated via the browser, a built in scheduler or a physical button which is located in or outside of the counseling room. When a recording is initiated meta data is typically associated with each video through the use of “templates” which allows users to easily track and find their video content. Users may also add “markers” or notes into the video for students to review  and to assist in finding important or key points within the video.

All video is recorded in a standard MP4 format utilizing h.264 compression making them easy to share while at the same time minimizing network traffic. Video’s are instantly available after the session. There is no rendering, conversion or wait time. Video’s may also be downloaded and played through any standard media player given the users have the rights to do so.

In the case where the application demands an off-site mobile recording solution, such as remote counseling clinics, our new Valt MC application allows users to capture sessions using an IPAD. Valt MC records the content and associates the necessary meta data with the video recording and later sync’s the video with the Valt server when the user arrives back on campus.

Valt has been specifically designed for use with high definition network cameras. Customers are able to choose from a variety of high definition PTZ and fixed cameras. The cameras are combined with high quality microphones and audio equipment providing a high definition audio/video experience. Multiple cameras may be placed in therapy rooms and grouped and synchronized together.

Intelligent Video Solutions will provide a turkey solution or work with internal IT departments and even 3rd party integration companies to provide the optimum solution for the customer. IVS has over 15 years of experience in building and supporting Audio Video applications. Valt is a 3rd generation product which incorporates the ideas and feedback from 100’s of educators who we have worked with us over the past 15 years.

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